There’s one week left for funding The Wooden Tarot full deck on Kickstarter! Here’s the last stretch goal- a 22x22” screen printed tarot spread cloth to be added to each reward tier that receives a copy of the full deck.
We’ve got about $1,500 left to go before it’ll be added, but I think we can do that in a week!
“When people were in serious trouble they went to a witch.*

* Sometimes, of course, to say, “please stop doing it.”
- Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum (via gottaquoteit)

Beware this Seller: ulfhedinn-maiden



After much thought, I’ve decided to make this post in hopes of protecting other people from having the experience I had with this seller. This is in no way a personal attack against the seller, but I want to warn people about purchasing crochet wear from ulfhedinn-maiden here on tumblr. I don’t…

reblogging this because this person is active on tumblr again and who knows what could happen. I never got a refund from this person and I don’t think anyone else did, either. just be careful.

Ancestor Oil at
Hedge-Witch’s Kitchen

Where are you Wiccans and Witches



ok so i want to see where all you guys live in the world so post your country. ^D^  I will go first Im from Canada. 

I’m from New Zealand

I’m from Scotland

"Go be a Witch"


When I say “Go be a Witch” or “Go do Witchery” or any variation on that theme it’s not so much about action as how that action affects you.

If you do something woo-woo and your heart gets all wild and free? That thing. Do that. If you feel a mad rushing like you’re breathing in far more than your…

Please reblog if you believe in ghosts/spirits


Wether it be the kind you see in movies, demons, souls with unfinished business, poltergeists, or just imprints on old objects.

I just want to know.

PE01519: Save Scotland's Seals - Getting Involved : Scottish Parliament

Alright, here we go: a bribe.


If The Sigilic Tarot Kickstarter can get to the $6000-$6500 mark by the end of today, then I’ll:

  • post new altar photos for you all to see, AND 
  • upload new spells tomorrow.

Link to the Kickstarter:

Please support and share!


DIY: Sea Glass Bottles



I Love the frosted colors in Beach Glass.

You will need :

* Mod Podge (or watered down white glue :3 parts glue to 1 part water)

* Food coloring ( I used the neon colors, that’s what I have on hand. )

* Dish washing liquid

Sponge paint brush

* Clean and dry clear bottles ( I like the shapes of small vinegar, syrup, tabasco sauce, or jars, even canning jars)

* Matte Varnish Sealer (or spray sealer)





Cover your work surface with newspaper or a paper sack or whatever you’d like to keep from staining the area.

Now for the mixing:

I poured a little of the Mod Podge in a bowl. Then added 3 drops of the blue food coloring and 1 drop of green to get the aqua color I was going for. You can mix whatever color you want, there are no rules. I then added a few drops of dish soap. I think it may help it become frosted and not clear, and it also helps make clean up easier.  I was going for beach glass I didn’t want just a tinted glass like some of the blue mason glass tutorials. I found adding the dish soap helped that for some reason as well as using Mod Podge Matt Finish.


Then I mixed it all together:



Started applying it:


I like to be able to add fresh flowers to the container so I opted for coloring the outside of the bottle, so water could be added inside if desired. I gave it an even coat , then let it dry. It you want more intense color add 2-3 coats allowing it to dry in between each coat.





There are a few subtle streaks sometimes, I didn’t mind them. It may depend on how thick the mod podge/ glue mixture is and also the surface of the glass. I had some with slight streaks and others with none at all using the same mixture. If you don’t like the results, wash it off and try again before the next step of adding a varnish sealer.

I am giving my bottles a coat of matt varnish to seal the color. If you don’t put a sealer over it, it will wash right off.


This is how mine turned out:




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